Our Mission is to Educate Job Seekers So That They Can Land Their Dream Job


TalentMatched is a nonprofit on a mission.

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, you have likely experienced some sort of obstacle in the recruitment process. Employers often have to scrounge through a mind numbing number of applications, most of which are unqualified candidates. Job seekers send out application after application, and either do not hear from employers or receive a rejection message. We understand the struggle and aim to provide the education needed to relieve some of the pressures of this process. Our nonprofit organization is funded by 10% of the sales from our founder’s recruitment business and generous donations from the community. We use that money to provide recruiting opportunities to people who need jobs. We believe that everyone deserves to have a job that supports them, and our goal is to make that dream a reality.


Our organization doesn’t just focus on employers. We care about job seekers too. Studies show that 73% of job seekers say the

process of looking for a job is one of the most stressful events of their life. That doesn’t seem right to us. We believe looking

for a job should be exciting, not stressful. When you are looking for a new job. Our nonprofit organization aims to educate job

seekers to make the job search experience simple and worthwhile. We are on a mission to help job seekers gain the knowledge they

need to find the job that suits their needs.


On average, a corporate job posting receives 250 resumes. That is a lot to comb through! It might feel a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Did you know that about 73% of people are only passively looking for a job? That means they aren’t actively looking for a job but would consider a new one if the right opportunity came along. This leads to the fact that about one in four people weren’t looking for a job when they found their current job. We believe in educating employers on how to utilize this information to find candidates that fit their needs without wasting time combing through unqualified candidate after unqualified candidate.


The employment market is highly competitive, and you deserve quality candidates. Frequently an applicant has sent their resume to multiple businesses, and then it is up to them to choose the employer they feel suits them best. Our organization works to educate employers on how to best attract and secure the most qualified candidate. We want to help you stand out above the rest of the competition and learn the strategies needed to make the best decisions for your business.

Our strategic initiatives include:

Free recruitment services for those looking for employment

Free learning programs for job seekers to hone their skills

Free or heavily discounted resume services


After being laid off last year, I had been struggling to find a job that matches my skills. I applied through tons of websites and spent hours adjusting my resume to fit the job description. With no luck, I turned to TalentMatched, who helped me identify the issues in my resume that were holding me back. Now, I’ve landed my dream job and am so happy.

- William Y.

I needed a new job that offered a higher salary so I could better support my family. With the amount of competition out there, I faced rejection after rejection. TalentMatched guided me through the recruiting process and helped me understand what I needed to improve on. I’m now happy in my new role. Thank you!

- Emily V.

As the hiring manager of a medium sized firm, I often find myself overwhelmed with resumes. Many candidates’ skills didn’t fit the role and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what information I needed to make an informed decision. TalentMatched gave me all the resources I need on how to save time on recruiting and allocate that time towards growing the business.

- Jason E.

The TalentMatched is a nonprofit on a mission.

Our Mission is to Educate Job Seekers So That They Can Land Their Dream Job

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