Get The Top 3 Secrets to Hiring The Best Talent​

CASE STUDY: Learn my Passive Recruiting Strategies: I'm going to teach you How I Placed 3 Hard to Fill Roles In Only 60 Days For a $10 Million Dollar SaaS Startup

Get The Top 3 Secrets to Hiring The Best Talent

You will learn . . .

1. How I Found THE PERFECT CANDIDATE by simply putting an interesting new twist on a normally boring concept.

2. How I Targeted the EXACT PROFILE using my solid research skills to perfect an outdated model.

3. How I Delivered QUALIFIED TOP TALENT THAT STUCK by imploring my proven passive recruiting strategies.


Kimberly Patrick has served as an advisor to some of the brightest CEO’s, Presidents, and Leaders.

She has founded multiple companies in real estate development, recruiting, and fitness and is deeply involved in the startup community where she spends her time helping companies select and hire the right talent.


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